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Dry-it Golf Glove System

"In 2011, my dream was born. A golfer who one day asked himself, why was there not a product that I could attach my golf glove to, instead of putting it in my pocket or attaching to the golf cart roof post, tossing it in the storage areas or finding a place on my golf bag?  And so, a vision came to light - The Premier Glove Holder!"

 - Larry Evans


Dry-It Golf Glove System LLC are sponsor of the YMCA First Tee of Lakeland.  We provide products worthy of your business, suitable and functional for your customers.

The Premier Glove Holder is designed to help all golfers who wear a golf glove while playing the game. It is – A Place for golf glove(s).  It is easily accessible when at the golf bag to get a club, return or retrieve something from the bag. The days of putting wet gloves in the golf bag only to become crusty and brittle are gone!

Premier Glove Holder attached to Golf Bag


The unique design of this Glove Holder fulfills the original purpose but provides additional benefits noted below:


   Is the New gift idea for golf events

Dry-It Golf Glove System is an American Company co-owned by a Vietnam Veteran.  Our product [Premier Glove Holder] material is MADE IN USA by Aplix, etc. Charlotte, N. C. The strap material is made by Velcro USA.  Our fabrication assembly is completed Oldsmar, Florida.


Bob Murphy - ENDORSEMENT of the Premier Glove Holder.

"Hi, I'm Bob Murphy, and in my 40 plus years on The PGA Tour and The Champions Tour, I have never come across such a practical and useful accessory as the Premier Glove Holder.

Position it on your golf bag and it is readily accessible while removing, or returning, clubs to your golf bag.  I find it actually speeds pace of play!

Stop wrapping your sweaty and wet gloves around cart canopy post, or the steering wheel, or worse, sticking them in your rear pocket."

        - Bob Murphy


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