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Baseball-Fund-Raiser-Flyer. Use the Premier Glove Holder as unique baseball equipment.  A promotional item for fundraising.
Premier Glove Holder
Perfect for Sports

In the wide range of sports today sport gloves are an integral part of the gear worn during play.  If cycling, motor cycling, baseball, softball, fishing, climbing, gardening or any other sport is what you love to do, then the Premier Glove Holder is for you.  The cost of gloves for different sports are expensive. One glove holder will hold 5-6 gloves.  Hanging on the glove holder natural drying occurs and prolongs the life of the glove.

The glove holder is weather resistant and will last for years.  The cost of one Premier Glove Holder will save $$$ buying fewer gloves

         - Larry Evans - Inventor




  • Processing and lead times varies per order.

  • Logo space allocated on glove holder is limited to 1" x 1", 1.5" x 2", Oval, rectangle, square. Images must be in vector format.


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