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Wet - Lost - Misplaced Gloves


Embossed with domed Shamrock & Golf Clubs logo 


"Put some LUCK OF THE IRISH" on your bag!


Made with First Class material Made in America!  High Gripping Low Profile nylon (black) hook & loop pads mated together making for two-sided glove holder, weight 0.6oz


Experience UNRIVALED FUNCTIONALLY for ALL  golfers, intentionally designed at 3"W x 6"L, with snap connector to attach to a golf bag, optional connection with a strap 3/4" W at slot end x 6"L.

Readily accesssible at fingertips on every visit to bag when positioned at front side of bag.  Discover piece of mind and Outstanding results.  Simply touch or remove glove and experience:

✔ No More  - Lost or Misplaced glove

✔ No More  - Wet, crusty, moldy glove

✔ No More  - Leaving glove in cart after round

✔ Always     -  Dry glove = Good Grip

Discover better pace of play! 👍 

Keeping gloves/s ready on Demand!


Put some LUCK OF THE IRISH on your bag!

Want to save $$ buying fewer gloves?  Guess what you need?  AND it cost less that a new glove.


It is practical, durable, weather resistant useable all year, leave attached to golf bag.  Leave glove/s on glove holder after playing to air and dry naturally.

Premier Glove Holder - The SOLUTION!

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Introducing our newest member to the Premier Glove Holder family.

    Shamrock & Golf Clubs domed label 1" x 1".  Green strap in lieu of black strap.

    Limited edition

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