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         The SOLUTION!

Superior product for youth and adult baseball & softball players


Made with First Class material Made in America!  High Gripping Low Profile nylon (black) hook & loop pads mated together making for two-sided glove holder, weight 0.6oz

Players will experience UNRIVALED FUNCTIONALLY with this product.  There is nothing in the Little League - Baseball & Softball sports world or equipment market to match the Premier Glove Holder for it's intended purpose.  Attached to a sports bag it becomes the Only place for gloves.  Being readily accessible players and coaches will discover results with:

  No more lost - Misplaced gloves

  No more delay in getting to On Deck circle

  No more storing wet gloves in sports bag

Mom's & Dad's will experience:

  Saving $$ buying fewer batting gloves


League adminstrators, Mom's & Dad's this is an opportunity to explore a new innovative fundraiser idea.  Contact us for details, using inquiry form, email or call us.







Lost, Misplaced Gloves SOLUTION

SKU: BB-SB - 001
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  • Personalize with team logo, sponsors logo

    Team gifts for achievement 

    Color straps available on website

    Fundraiser item

  • Color straps available on SHOP PAGE, sold seperately.

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