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"There is only one Premier Glove Holder."  Designed to be a convenient, effective golf accessory for golfers. A two-sided hook and loop nylon pad, attached (semi-permanent) to golf bag is the resting place for your gloves while playing. After playing let gloves Rest on the Premier Glove Holder.

Expeience no more lost, misplaced glove - Distraction.

Golf glove connected to Premier Glove Holder attached on golf bag.
Golf glove resting on Premier Glove Holder connected to carry bag with a strap.

The Exclusive Premier Glove Holder

The game of golf, Oh - the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The mental part of playing golf can change in a split second. Keeping our thoughts focused on the job at hand is the challenge.

The Premier Glove Holder can help in reducing the golf glove distraction in the following ways:      

  • It is semi-permanent attached to bag in same place all the time

  • It is two-sided will hold multiple gloves

  • Gloves are always ready on Demand for Good Grip

  • Natural airing and drying prolongs usefulness of gloves

  • Leave gloves resting on glove holder after round

After a couple of rounds, you will automatically put your glove on the glove holder or remove it while at the bag without even thinking about it.  Feel a difference in your comfort level with no distraction.


Golf glove resting on Premier Glove Holder attached to bag. Patriotic label  optional.
Golf glove resting on Premier Glove Holder personalized with domed American Flag label.


Baseball  / Softball

Batting gloves resting on Premier Glove Holder strapped to sports bag.

Logo for Marketing - Continuous 

Advertising on golf courses around the World - Unlike any Other!

Golf bag Premier Glove Holder with glove, marketing option.

"Put some LUCK OF THE IRISH on your bag"!

Shamrock Golf Clubs embossed on Premier Glove Holder

US Patents 9,216,342 -- 10,667598

Image by John Such


Place it on golf bag where you go for a club for every shot

Image by Jason Dent


           MADE IN AMERICA

Front panel of packaging
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Dry-It Golf Glove System LLC are sponsors of the YMCA

First Tee of Lakeland. We provide products worthy of

your business. Suitable and functional for your customers.

Our Glove Holder fulfills the original purpose but provides additional benefits noted below:


Retired PGA and Champions
Tour Player Consultant
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